Urgent plumbing repairs that you need to fix immediately



Is there anything more frustrating than an emergency plumbing repair? It can wreak havoc on your home life, as well as cost you unexpectedly.

Some repairs are certainly more urgent than others and should be repaired immediately. If abandoned, they can have serious short- and long-term consequences.

Here, we cover the most urgent plumbing repairs and why you need to fix them right away.

A clogged or overflowing toilet

Blocked toilets are no fun. In an instant, one of the most essential items in our home becomes unusable. If it overflows, it’s even worse.

If your toilet is only experiencing a minor blockage, you may be able to fix it yourself with a few handy tools. A slow-draining toilet suggests there is a blockage, but it hasn’t fully blocked the hose. Often times, the use of a plunger can help you move a small blockage.

If the water in your toilet has risen and has not fallen at all, you probably have a complete blockage. You can try using a specialized chemical to remove the blockage, but in severe cases you may need to have it repaired by a professional.

In order to avoid a clogged toilet, we recommend that you only throw toilet paper in the toilet. Any other items you may use, including sanitary napkins or wet wipes, are not designed to be flushed down the toilet and can easily cause a blockage. Regularly cleaning your toilet will also prevent the buildup of waste.

Exploded pipes

Burst pipes can be a recipe for disaster. This is a common problem during the colder months, as cold water coming in from outside can cause your pipes to constrict. If there are weak spots, they could burst.

Burst pipes not only affect your heating and plumbing systems, but can also cause serious damage to your home. Depending on where the pipe bursts, you might see water damage in your walls, ceilings, and wiring, as well as flooding in your home. This is why it is so important to address this problem immediately.

Your first course of action should be to turn off the water to prevent further leaks and flooding. If your house has already started to flood, remove as much water as possible. It may be helpful to heat the area where the pipe burst, as it may have frozen before it broke.

Unless you are experienced in plumbing maintenance and repair, we recommend that you hire a plumbing repair professional at this point. To prevent pipes from bursting, you can insulate your water tank and pipes. Keep the rooms that contain your water tank or pipes heated – despite it retaining their water tank, some people may not heat their attic because they don’t spend time in it, but these cold rooms can burst pipes.

Leaky faucets and toilets

Many people may view a leaky faucet, toilet, or pipe as a nuisance, but not an emergency. However, leaking plumbing can cause a number of serious issues, so this is something you need to fix quickly.

Leaking faucets and pipes will not only send your water bill through the roof, but they can cause serious damage as well. Constant leakage can rust nearby metal, as well as rot the wood around it and develop mold. It can then become a real health hazard in your home.

How you deal with the leak depends on its source. If it’s coming from your faucet spout, for example, it might require replacing a washer. If it’s coming from the back or underside of the handle, it means that another part could be to blame. You will need to shut off your water supply before repairing your faucet. You can also call for professional help if you do not have previous experience in this area.

No one wants to experience a plumbing emergency, but sometimes it does happen. It is important to be able to recognize what is an emergency and what can wait. If you encounter any of these three issues, it is important to resolve them immediately.







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