Toilet & Plumbing Solutions Product Focus


by Kimberly-Clark Professional and GOJO Industries

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ has partnered with GOJO Industries to produce Onvation, a smart restroom technology solution that helps facilities meet the diverse challenges of many workplaces as they welcome employees returning to the office.

Onvation, a connected software solution, proactively monitors and optimizes restroom maintenance, provides the intelligence and flexibility needed to improve operational efficiency and helps organizations achieve their sustainability goals.

The technology solution monitors, analyzes and measures information that directly impacts workforce efficiency and staffing levels. Using sensors mounted inside smart dispensers, the Onvation solution monitors restroom traffic as well as soap, toilet paper and hand towel supplies, then provides real-time data to alert staff when product levels are low and service is required.

Toilets with Onvation technology save time and resources, ensuring dispensers are serviced only when needed. Onvation helps facilities reduce visitor complaints by up to 75% and contributes to organizations’ sustainability goals with up to 80% waste reduction.


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