Smith’s Plumbing Services Feeds 901 Donates COVID-19 Coronavirus


Smith’s Plumbing Services fed nearly 3,000 people during the coronavirus outbreak

Memphis, Tennessee –

Since Covid-19 epidemic made its way to the Mid-South, many showed a wave of community support. From making masks, donating PPE gear and providing meals, the community really came together to support each other.

Local 24 News spoke to a local plumbing company who not only stepped up to help, but created a challenge for others.

Not everyone can work during these times, but Smith Plumbing Services is a company still in operation. The company has decided to put its money where its mouth is and help others in the community.

“What’s going on folks,” said Dustin Smith, owner of Smith’s Plumbing Services and founder of 901 Gives.

It is quite the salvation for a man of service. Over the past few weeks, Smith has been nurturing the community through his nonprofit, 901 Gives.

“We took some of our advertising budget. Instead of using that money just for advertising, I used the money to help feed the community,” Smith said.

His actions provoked a major reaction.

“Each day I basically authorize a small business to sponsor a certain number of meals. We currently have Wally Hatchet’s located in Bartlett in place for pickup. We have also donated $ 2,000 to Carita’s Village which is another non-profit organization in Binghampton, so they can help feed the people in the Binghampton area, ”Smith said.

He even involved restaurants in Tipton County, bringing the total donation amount to around $ 30,000.

“Every meal that the restaurant gives is a $ 5 meal, so it’s a way for the restaurant to have cash. It not only helps the community, but I wanted the restaurants that are also affected by this to get a little money flows, ”Smith said.

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So far, Smith and other donors have fed nearly 3,000 people. That’s almost a thousand people a week. The challenge does not end there.

“I would love to challenge people to try and skip a meal. Fast one meal a day and the money you would have spent on that meal, you can feed someone else in the community, especially if you you are not in a position where you have been affected by this per se, but you would like to give back, ”Smith said.


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