Low-income Michiganders can get free plumbing repairs until December



The state wants to ensure that all residents have access to water during the pandemic.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is providing financial assistance to families who need it for plumbing repairs until the end of 2020 – this is called the Water Repair Assistance Program of the MDHHS and support is available until December 30.

The Water Repair Assistance Program provides a variety of water repairs from indoor and outdoor plumbing jobs, including well and septic tank repairs for rural households.

“At MDHHS, we are doing what we can to keep people safe during the pandemic and to ensure that income limitations – some of which are the result of COVID-19 – do not prevent them from protecting their families,” said Lewis Roubal, the senior deputy director of opportunities for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. “The benefits of this program will remain long after COVID-19 by providing eligible households with the sustained access to water that everyone deserves. “

Funding for this program comes from coronavirus relief dollars that were donated to Michigan to help us weather the pandemic.

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