Know who to call for emergency plumbing services


A dripping faucet can be an annoyance, but it’s hardly considered a plumbing emergency. Emergencies happen when pipes burst, welds fail, toilets crack, sewers back up and you suddenly find yourself with water and potentially sewage flooding your residence. Right now, you’re going to have your “Ghostbusters” moment, as in “who are you going to call?”

Having a plan in place for such an emergency plumbing service is something highly recommended by Marc Benoit, owner of Plumbtech Plumbing.

“We receive about five emergency calls a day, which equals 1,825 calls a year, give or take a few calls,” Benoit said. “The most common reason people call for a plumbing emergency is a clogged main drain.”

As an essential service provider, Benoit says the Plumbtech team is always on hand to help customers with all of their plumbing needs. This includes a 24-hour emergency service that includes three on-call plumbing technicians to help with urgent plumbing issues on evenings, nights, and weekends. For all other needs, Plumbtech has 15 trained and licensed professional plumbers available for commercial and residential plumbing jobs.

Plumbing emergencies can happen anywhere, but owners of older homes that haven’t had regular service or preventative maintenance are especially at risk, Benoit said.

“Older homes can be vulnerable to plumbing problems due to deteriorating pipes that need to be repaired and maintained,” he said. If the pipes burst, Plumbtech would dispatch an emergency plumber to fix the problem, then provide contacts the homeowner could call for proper cleanup and restoration services.

One of the most important things to know about your home, even before you need any emergency plumbing, is where the main water stop is inside your home. People living in older homes may not have localized stop values ​​under kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room sinks. In the event of burst pipes, turning off the water immediately is critical to minimizing potential damage or lingering mold issues.

Benoit said not every call to a plumber has to be for an emergency, as there are many other common issues that also require professional attention. These include things like low water pressure, toilets that keep running, lack of hot water, dripping faucets, and backed up sewage. In most cases, these can be easily fixed by a professional plumber.

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