Keep It In The Family: Bill Collentine Ltd .; Plumbing Services – Bed and Breakfast – Advisor


Bill Collentine Ltd .;
Plumbing Services – Bed & Breakfast – Councilor – Mayor of Mullingar!

Bill Collentine is a man of many talents who often has to wear several hats. Not only does he run his very successful plumbing business (now in his 41st year) with his son Willie, he also runs the Railway House Bed & Breakfast with his wife Teresa, he is actively involved in Mullingar Tidy Towns, he is a Fianna Fail City Councilor and he is currently Mayor of Mullingar!

Topic caught up with Bill and his son Willie to find out a bit more about how it all started.

1. When was the business created and have previous generations been involved? The business started around 1980 when Bill returned from Canada. At the time, several family members and cousins ​​were involved when it opened.

2. Did the family live in Mullingar for many years / where were they from?

Bill and his family came from a town just outside the town of Mullingar called Russellstown.

3. Who are the family members currently working in the business?

Bill and his son Willie run the plumbing business and his wife Teresa keeps the Bed and Breakfast tidy. Bill currently has two sons in Canada, both plumbers as well, who worked in the company for a while but moved to Canada when the recession set in.

4. What is the company doing?

Bill Collentine Plumbing is SEAI approved and offers all services related to industrial and commercial heating and plumbing, renewable energy solutions, geothermal solutions, heat pump installation, solar panels, water treatment. ‘water, water filters, replacement and maintenance of boilers, installation of stoves. , replacement of the oil tank, replacement of the bathroom, including the provision of a bathroom for the disabled, upgrading and replacement of the gas boiler as well as the maintenance of gas fires, solid fuel heating, installation of wood pallet stoves, installation of wet rooms (bathrooms for people with reduced mobility), installation of wheelchair ramps and without forgetting the maintenance, repair and replacement of fuel oil boilers. They also offer whole house plumbing and heating systems with the latest system technology as well as general maintenance services.

5. How has the business changed over the years?

Willie tells us that while they still offer the same professional services year round, the regulations have changed over the years and everything is geared more towards energy efficiency these days. Things like underfloor heating, solar panels, and geothermal heating systems are a big change from traditional plumbing methods.

6. Any plans for the future?

Aside from Willie’s big plans to win the lotto, there aren’t any major changes to the pipeline at the moment, says Willie!

7. Memorable moments over the years?

“Every day is memorable,” laughs Bill!

8. How do you think your family business adds something special to Mullingar?

Willie speaks with pride of how his family business (s) are a lifeline for the city, being involved in so much and always available to help if needed. He believes that family businesses know their customers and derive great satisfaction from offering residents what they want.

9. Advantages and disadvantages of working as a family in a company?

Neither Bill nor Willie have a problem working together. Bill states that there are of course differences of opinion, mainly due to the fact that Willie is from a different generation, but otherwise it’s good to work as a family and he enjoys it.

10. The last word: Bill and Willie would like to take this opportunity to thank their staff and all of their customers in Mullingar and surrounding areas who continue to keep their custom, especially with Collentine Plumbers. They are grateful for any business they receive and encourage people to contact them anytime if they need help with plumbing, at: Office: 044 9341142 / Mobile: 086 2459216 /


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