Heaton Building businesses reopen after plumbing repairs


Small leak requiring serious plumbing work

– After a week of underground work on the sewer lines, the Heaton Building is open again on 13th Street and Park Street. Amstrdm Coffee House, Ambiance, Cendre Wine Tasting and two upstairs apartments had no water during construction in the alley just west of the building.building

A small leak left about an inch of water in the basement, which required serious plumbing work by Coast Construction. Amstrdm Coffee House closed for a week. On Friday, the plumbers were still working in the tasting room.paso robles cleaning plumbing

With floor-to-ceiling windows that extend to the sidewalk, the 1910 Heaton Building looks more like San Francisco architecture, but it creates an interesting space for three small businesses. The owner realized that the plumbing needed more than a “band-aid” to fix the problem. It took a week, but the problem, which dates back maybe a hundred years, is finally fixed. The three businesses and two upstairs apartments are expected to return to normal this weekend on 13th Street in downtown Paso Robles.sign

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