Free assistance for plumbing repairs following the winter frost in February



Victoria County’s Long Term Recovery Group has received approval for a second grant that will help people across Carrefour with plumbing issues.

VICTORIA COUNTY, Texas – After the winter frost in February across the state and at Crossroads, the road has been to recovery.

It has impacted the lives of many.

A local organization was recently approved for a grant that will help provide free assistance with plumbing, water heaters and home repairs to residents.

Rick Villa, of the Victoria County Long Term Recovery Group, said there is an application process people must go through to qualify.

Villa said there is a current waiting list, but they are doing their best to help anyone still recovering from the winter frost.

“It’s for everyone… we’re not making any income eligibility on this particular aid… this one for the winter storm, we’re just asking you to complete the admission information,” Villa said. “We will also ask you for documentation because these funders, they are asking for documentation, photographs, so be prepared to provide documents and photos.”

The group not only helps residents who live in Victoria County through their grants, but also Lavaca, Jackson, Calhoun, Gonzales and Goliad counties.

“After the winter storm Uri, [grant opportunity was told to us] for $ 110,000 to help this region in its disaster recovery efforts, ”Villa shared in an email. “I wrote a grant proposal to use for homeowners / tenants in the Golden Crescent area: contractor fees ($ 73,572).

For more information, you can email Villa at or call 361-894-6264.

Villa also mentioned that VCLTRG offers free wireless mini blinds.

You can call or email the same contact details provided to request the free mini blinds.



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