Customers and employees use portable toilets as Paris Walmart awaits plumbing repairs



PARIS (KFSM) – The city’s Walmart hasn’t had a working bathroom for almost a month. In the meantime, customers and employees must use portable toilets …

PARIS (KFSM) – The city’s Walmart hasn’t had working bathrooms for nearly a month. In the meantime, customers and employees must use portable toilets outside.

“Well I think it’s not great because it’s so hot and people shouldn’t have to go out to the bathroom,” said Ruthie Walker.

Walker said she shopped at Walmart in Paris once a week. She said she was surprised to learn that portable toilets are the only option until the plumbing issues are resolved. An air-conditioned trailer was installed Friday, July 22, according to a store employee, but it is not accessible to people with disabilities.

“They need to change this as soon as possible,” Walker said.

Walmart said the event trailer was equipped with air conditioning, a changing table, running water and other amenities. The company said the Porta Potties welcome people with disabilities and made this statement to 5NEWS:

“We want our customers and associates to be comfortable inside our store at all times. Unfortunately, a recent plumbing problem forced us to make accommodations for those who need to use our washroom.

Temporary toilets were installed during repairs. These facilities are accessible to all and include changing rooms for parents and their young children.

“Personally, I have a problem with Porta Potties,” Garrett Conkin said. “I just find them disgusting.”

Walmart said the bathrooms inside had been closed for just over three weeks and is accepting offers to have them fixed. Walker said the problem would not prevent him from shopping there.

“I think I would just try to organize my visit where I wouldn’t have to use the restroom, and since I don’t have any little ones, that doesn’t concern me much,” she said.

The store manager said he hopes the repairs will be completed in a few weeks.



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