Central Pa. Volunteers asked for plumbing repairs in Texas



Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) is looking for volunteers with plumbing experience to travel to Texas and help with recovery efforts.

LANCASTER COUNTY, PA – With disaster relief efforts underway in Texas, a Lancaster County nonprofit is looking to help.

Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) works with several organizations, volunteer groups, and local churches to send relief to Texas.

Currently they are looking for volunteers who have plumbing experience to go there with them to help with the resumption of the first phase.

Texans continue to seek help after the winter storm there as millions still grapple with the aftermath.

Electricity can be restored to most of the area, but plumbing is now part of the recovery efforts. That’s why volunteers from MDS are traveling to Texas to help homeowners fix broken pipes and water pipes, in addition to residents facing water shortages and flooded homes.

Kevin King, the managing director of MDS, says they are looking for volunteers with experience in plumbing repairs. Repairing drywall, flooring and other damage is not their goal. King says their goal is to restore the integrity of the water supply lines to homes in Texas.

Volunteers will work in Texas Gulf Coast counties and assist residents of San Antonio and Houston.

If you are able to volunteer, you can call Deanna Frey at 1-800-241-8111 or register online here.

MDS is working to secure plumbing supplies in bulk, but for now, volunteers are urged to use their own tools and personal protective equipment to ensure COVID-19 safety protocols.

Mennonite Disaster Service says relief efforts will continue in Texas after the first phase they are currently in. They will continue to look for volunteers to help with a long term response.

You can find more information about Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) on their website.

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