Arlington offers financial assistance for plumbing repairs. Here’s how to apply


Low-income Arlington homeowners can now apply for financial assistance for minor plumbing repairs.

The city started the program to help low-income residents with minor repairs and conserve water. Eligible repairs include faucets, showers, toilets and water leaks that are not inside walls or underground. Qualified plumbing professionals will handle the repairs.

According to Environmental Protection Agencyrepairing easily fixed household water leaks can save homeowners around 10% on their water bills.

“But fixing a leaky toilet or a dripping faucet isn’t something every homeowner feels comfortable doing and calling a plumber could lead to economic strain if household budgets are tight,” said the city in a press release.

To qualify, an applicant must own and live in the home and meet certain income conditions. For example, a family of four must have a household income of less than $64,650.

Funding for the program comes from revenue from the city’s water utility. The nonprofit organization Arlington Urban Ministries helps administer the funds.

To apply, complete the Arlington Urban Ministries Utilities Application for Assistance. More information is available here.

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