Amarillo Hardware Stores Strive To Keep Plumbing Supplies In Stock



AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – Jorge Luna visited the Pride Home Center this morning looking for hose adapters.

During the storm last week, two of his shower hoses burst, so now he’s buying the items to fix them.

Luna, is just one of many Amarillo residents who have worked hard to repair the storm damage, and since last week hardware stores have seen demand for plumbing supplies double.

“Over the past few days a lot of our business has been plumbing,” said Brandon Perry, director of the Pride Home Center.

“Basically anything that had water in it got ice cold and they’re trying to fix it,” said Trenton Maples, director of operations at Ace Hardware.

While many customers are trying to repair the damage in their own homes, store owners say many more are looking to ship these supplies to other parts of the state.

“People who come here to Amarillo are buying stuff for their families in Houston, San Antonio because they couldn’t get the product out there,” Maples said.

Stores also noticed that plumbers came more frequently and bought in bulk.

“We’ve seen an increase in the number of times they’re in the store per day,” Perry said.

With the increase in demand, these stores work hard to keep the shelves well stocked.

“We have another truck coming tomorrow,” Maples said. “Partly, you know, the warehouses that we get stuff from are also closed, because a lot of them are in the south and they closed for the storm and you know, everyone is catching up.”

Pride Home Center says they have been fortunate to get several shipments over the past few days.

However, some plumbing supplies remain low.

“We still have pieces and pieces and we have more on the way,” said Perry.

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