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By MEG HERNDON | Editor-in-chief

ALABASTER – K&S Plumbing Services LLC, based in Alabaster, was named Top Contractor by HomeServe USA at the Sixth Annual HomeServe Contractors Conference.

The annual entrepreneurs conference recognized the hard work and performance of HomeServe’s leading entrepreneurs across the country.

“K&S Plumbing Services, LLC began its partnership with Homeserve USA in 2014,” K&S Plumbing said in a prepared statement. “We’re a family-owned business based in Shelby County, and joining the HomeServe team has without a doubt been the best business decision we’ve ever made. Over the years, they have helped us tremendously, helping our growth through multiple channels and resources. “

“HomeServe’s success as a solution provider to millions of Americans is due to the strength of our network of entrepreneurs,” said Tom Rusin, CEO of HomeServe North America. “Without a doubt, we work with the best heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical professionals in the country. “

K&S Plumbing Services LLC won the ‘Hero Award’, which was added this year to recognize businesses that have put their own businesses and family needs on hold to help customers restore heat and repair water damage. important when the unprecedented winter storm hit Uri. Texas in February 2021.

“We got a phone call from HomeServe after winter storm Uri hit Texas in February 2021, they asked if we had any resources or staff we could send to Texas to help the community in the aftermath of the storm. “said owner and CEO Danny. Gingles and K&S owner and COO Kiefer Gingles in a prepared statement. “We loaded a truckload of supplies and sent four technicians to Texas for a few weeks to help out as many customers as we could.

“These types of gestures are honestly commonplace with HomeServe. We have been involved in many community twin projects with HomeServe and to see the impact they have directly on people’s lives is amazing. We look forward to a long future of growth and community service alongside HomeServe. “

Winter storm Uri occurred from February 13 to 17, 2021. It left nearly 4.5 million homes and businesses without electricity. The damage was estimated at $ 295 billion and more than 100 people died.

“After the storm, we saw three times the normal volume of water works and a doubling of the number of indoor plumbing jobs. Thanks to professionals in Texas and across the country who have come to the aid of our clients, we have been able to get through this extremely difficult time. In the midst of adversity, these companies have stepped up and made a real difference. Said Criscone.

The winners of the various awards were selected on the basis of performance indicators, scorecards and customer feedback.



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